The Sneak a Peek Triology – Microgaming Casinos at their best!

If you are looking for something a little different this February from your online slot experience, then one trio of games you should consider is Microgaming’s new Sneak a Peek selection of adult-themed games!

The games, Doctor Doctor (aimed chiefly at male players), Hunky Heroes (rather at the female counterparts) and Planet Exotica (attractive to both genders) play very much on the cheeky side of adult humour, rather than the bawdy.

Doctor Doctor
Doctor, Doctor!

In each game, the player has the chance to win cash both from matching icons and also through a series of bonus games, which add a little sauce to the offering!

The game features a number of bright, neon-coloured icons as well as five sexy individuals that are sure to make your gaming experience one to remember. You can access the risqué bonus games by triggering them through spinning the reels, with a number of Wild icons and Scatter icons helping you enter the bonus games.

Hit the sexy kissing lips and you enter the Select-A-Smooch game, where you can trigger free spins and a 2x multiplier (which can be increased if you land one of the specified icons on reels four or five).

hunky heroes
Hunky Heroes

The real excitement occurs though when you land with the Sneak-A-Peek logo on reel one and one of your five in-game stars on reel five. This bonus game allows you to try and match items of clothing of the person, which then magically disappear when matched allowing you to, as the game name suggests “Sneak-A-Peak” at their veritable assets, whether they are male, female or indeed alien!

The graphics are bright, and the emphasis of the game is on fun and enjoyment and with up to 10,000 coins available to win in the base game and ten times that amount in the free spin bonus section, as well as 1,200 available in other bonuses, this is a trio of games as rewarding as it is exciting!

So if you fancy something a little raunchy, with the chance to win big, don’t look anywhere else! Just Sneak-a-Peek at these three games and you will not be disappointed!

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