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European High Streak Blackjack Gold

European High Streak Blackjack Gold

High Streak European Blackjack Gold is the latest variation of standard European Blackjack from Microgaming. Aside from the traditional blackjack game, it includes a number of site bets. These will progress along with four Bonus Betting Spots. Each of the Betting Spots can deliver a payout that can range from 1:1 up to 10:1.

The success rate of each consecutive hand determines the movement of a player’s wager from one Betting Spot to another. This means that the longer you keep on winning, the more likely you have a chance to win big.

An example of how it works

The first side bet for a High Streak is on a blank Betting Spot alongside the traditional wager. If the player wins that hand, they progress with the side bet to the first Bonus Betting Spot (which pays 1:1) while receiving their standard wager.

Now the player can place a side bet in the blank Betting Spot. In this manner, it is possible to fill each Bonus Betting Spot with a wager as long as the player is on a winning streak. This would mean that payouts would increase drastically.

Players do have the option to decrease or increase each new High Streak side bet, but are unable to change the value of their side bets once they start moving along the Bonus Betting Spots.

What about the rules?
The blackjack games itself uses the traditional, standard European Blackjack rules. These are clearly indicated in the game itself and provide a great deal more information.

Is it worth playing?
Just as the traditional Microgaming experience, European High Streak Blackjack Gold does a fantastic job of simulating an actual casino experience and allows players to play the game as fast as they would like to play. Once players become immersed in the sights and sounds of the game it is obvious why Microgaming remains the world’s leader in online gambling software.

Especially the bonus opportunities are going to entice those players who are feeling as though they have a hot hand already. With outstanding graphics and a great chance to win, European High Streak Blackjack Gold is certainly worth a chance.

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