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Join Five Beach Volleyball Babes On The New Bikini Party Slot

Banish the winter blues and put some sizzle into the coming summer with the fantastic new Bikini Party slot from Microgaming. This brand new release features five gorgeous bikini-clad beach volleyball babes as the theme for a slot that is hot to trot! At first the slot looks like the usual Microgaming slot, it’s a 5×3 reel game with 243-ways ... Read More »

Microgaming’s Newest Video Slot Certainly Hits The Bullseye!

Do you remember the 1980s quiz show named Bullseye, hosted by Jim Bowen and Tony Green, with their friend the cartoon Bully. Based on a darts theme, three pairs of players would compete to progress through the rounds and win a chance at Bully’s Prize Board, and even take on the Gamble to win the Star Prize. It was a ... Read More »

Enjoy the Galaxy at Your Fingertips from 0.40 per Spin with the New StarDust Slot

[slotgame title=”StarDust” gamecode=”StarDust” affid=”aff99780″] Play “StarDust” ![/slotgame] In general, Galaxies are not thought of being benevolent. At the centre of most lies a spinning black hole, swallowing up matter and time and generally causing most things that fall within its Event Horizon to have a bad day. However, this December, a new Galaxy swings into town in the shape of ... Read More »

From Tip Off To The Buzzer Microgaming’s Basketball Star Slot Delivers On All Counts

[slotgame title=”Basketball Star” gamecode=”BasketballStar” affid=”aff99780″] Play “Basketball Star” ![/slotgame] Releasing a sports slot is a very hit and miss affair, get it wrong and you can alienate not just fans of the sport, but slot fans too. Get it right and you have a sure-fire game winner on your hands and fortunately of those two categories, the new Basketball Star ... Read More »

Titans of the Sun Hyperion Slot Burns Brightly From October

[slotgame title=”Titans Of The Sun” gamecode=”TitansOfTheSunHyperion” affid=”aff99780″] Play “Titans Of The Sun” ![/slotgame] Greek mythology is so rich and diverse that even just a small section of it can be the inspiration for a slot and over the years, there have been several slots on this theme. However from October, a brand new duo of twin slots is set to ... Read More »