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Bust the Bank – New in Microgaming Casinos from May 8th!

Bust the Bank – New in Microgaming Casinos from May 8th!

Bag the Swag when you Bust the Bank on Microgaming’s latest offering!

Hands up if you think that the banks make too much money from us? Are you fed up of their vast annual profits and the fact that they won’t give you a tiny overdraft when you need it the most? Ever felt like you’d love to even the score? Well now you can, perfectly legally and above board, thanks to the brand new video slot from Microgaming; Bust the Bank!

Bust the Bank

Bust the Bank

In the game, you join Bob and Larry, two erstwhile ne’er do wells as they seek to bust open the bank and liberate bag fulls of lovely loot. The more cash you and your pair of cohorts manage to nab from the bank, then the more you win in real life!

One of the most appealing aspects of Bust the Bank is the simplicity of the game play. The game is certainly detailed enough with enough added features to keep a more experienced slot player happy, but it is also accessible, both in terms of gameplay and initial cost, to allow less experienced and confident slot players the chance to learn the ropes.

The cartoon-style graphics and clever music and sound effects also help draw the player in and keep them playing the game.

Bust the Bank3

Bust the Bank

Cash is won by the player accessing the banks rewards. Land the Safe Bonus logo on reels 1 or 5 and you immediately earn yourself between 1 and 6 gold coins.

You can also use the Bust the Bank logo to build combinations to access other rewards and when the Scatter Bomb lands on screen, players then access the Free Spins section of the slot, which can be retriggered if the player lands the Scatter Bomb logo again in their free spins!

With Wilds aplenty offering you increased chances to win and a maximum jackpot in the base game of 82,000 rising to 135,000 in the Free Spins section, Bust the Bank is a game where you can bust the bank and help increase your own real life balance thanks to your bank-busting skills!

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