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Another Casino New Release: Redeal Blackjack!

Another Casino New Release: Redeal Blackjack!

Blackjack with a difference: Why Redeal is the Real Deal

The news that Microgaming have announced a brand new blackjack game, European Blackjack Redeal, will not come as a great surprise. The company are well known for their consistent reinvention of games, often with added twists and turns to make the gameplay more exciting and this new Gold Series Table Game is no different.

In the traditional game of Blackjack, a player had no choice but to play with the cards that they were dealt. It didn’t matter if you had been dealt a very poor hand against the house, or if you were in a very strong position, the cards you were dealt were the ones you had to play.

Only now, that’s no longer the case.

Redeal Blackjack

European Redeal Blackjack as the name suggests, offers players the chance to have certain cards, such as their dealt hand, the dealers hand or indeed a card they have received from the pack re-dealt, if the original card or cards they are dealt does not improve their position.

Players can use the redeal option five times in a session at a small cost each time and by allowing players this option, it gives them a chance to improve their card situation within the game and turn a losing situation, into a winning one.

The game itself is played with 2 decks and still offers popular blackjack options such as splitting and doubling down, however the player is forced to stand when he reaches 17 (as is the dealer).

With crystal clear graphics, clever ambient sound effects that add to the atmosphere, smooth animations of the cards, table and chips, European Blackjack Redeal is a very welcome addition not just to the Microgaming Gold series of games, but to the world of blackjack as a whole.

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