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Two Decades of Finest Online Casinos

Did you know that 2014 marks thirty years since the world’s first true online casino was established? To celebrate this anniversary, we decided to take a closer look at Microgaming – the software company that started it all, and even now remains a renowned leader in the industry.

An Innovative Start and Record-Breaking Winnings

Throughout the nineties, this Isle of Man based company released a string of technological innovations – from the already mentioned software, to the new online casino management tools, player and payout tracking systems, and more significantly, Microgaming’s Web Casino Software, which gave players the freedom to choose between downloads and online play.

Another significant addition was the Cash Splash – the Internet’s first progressive jackpot slot game. Interestingly enough, a newer version of this game remains popular even today, thanks to the fact that it is one of the few progressive jackpot mobile slots.

In fact, progressive jackpot is probably one of the things that made Microgaming so famous – their Mega Moolah video slot broke records for the biggest jackpot win twice: €6.37 million for an online win in 2009, and £3.7 million for a mobile win in 2013. Today, Microgaming’s online progressive jackpot network is the biggest one in the world.

Awards and Further Recognition

From the turn of the century onwards, Microgaming has received (and continues to receive) numerous awards. Some of them were given by specialised magazines: Casino Player, Gambling Express and Gambling Online. Others, like iGaming Business Affiliate Awards, were awarded for best iGaming Casino Software, and eGaming Review Awards recognized Microgaming not only as a superb casino supplier, but also for its various software innovations.

More interestingly, over the years Microgaming was repeatedly acknowledged by the Isle of Man Newspaper Awards for Excellence: the accolades were given for categories such as Independent Thinking, Corporate Social Responsibility, Company of the Year, and Business Person of the Year. This proved that Microgaming’s qualities transcend the online gaming niche, further increasing the reputation of the company.

Versatile Technology

One big advantage of Microgaming’s products is that they are easily accessible to a wide range of players. Their software typically supports up to 30 languages, and is always up to date – or even ahead – of current technology trends. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users all have the opportunity to access Microgaming’s award-winning games.

Flexibility is equally noticeable in Microgaming’s Casino clients, Flash and Viper. Designed to provide the finest gaming experience regardless of the players’ computer and Internet specifications, they deliver the same games to everyone, while adapting their technological aspects for optimal performance.

Fair and Responsible Gaming

As one of the founding members of Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) and eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), Microgaming cares about ensuring the safe and fair conditions for its players and operators.

The significance and objectivity of eCOGRA reached new heights after the agency turned independent in 2003, thus fortifying its objectivity and professionalism in assessing various gaming operators and software providers. Today, we find eCOGRA to be the most prestigious testing agency in the field. As a proud bearer of eCOGRA certificate, Microgaming is officially confirmed as a fair and secure software supplier of highest standards.

Under eCOGRA, Microgaming is a supporter of responsible gambling. Their software packages include tools that allow casino operators to manage players’ accounts as requested. These services help players manage their gambling habit by setting deposit and card limits, locking their accounts, denying bonuses, and withholding casino marketing content. Furthermore, this ensures player protection and safe gaming conditions in all Microgaming Online Casinos.

Attractive Games and Lavish Jackpots

While it is clear that Microgaming delivers top casino software that caters to a world-wide audience, we asked ourselves: is that enough to explain its popularity among players? Maybe it wouldn’t be on its own, but if we take a peek into Microgaming’s impressive game portfolio, things become clearer.

At the moment, Microgaming counts over 700 unique Casino games and over 1200 game variations, along with multi-players, tournaments, and community games. Add to that nearly 200 games from their total mobile range, and it is easy to see why Microgaming’s popularity remains intact.

Among big hits found in Microgaming Online Casinos, some are video slots built around licensed content. Notable examples include Battlestar Galactica, Hellboy, Playboy™, TerminatorTM and Tomb Raider™ franchise. The allure of well-known brands combined with familiar visuals, excellent gameplay and rewarding features turned out to be a winning recipe, and we have no doubt that Microgaming will continue surprising us with more games based on popular titles.

Of course, aside from that, Microgaming’s team never stops creating and launching new and original video slots, with themes and stories that are as varied as their audience. From comedies and adventures to action stories and sexy themes, romances, supernatural, luxurious classics and cute animal themes, the array of slot games found across Microgaming Online Casinos can have a dizzying effect. The same can be said about the Jackpots – Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot Network has so far paid out over £425 million! Clearly, this is a temptation to new and experienced players alike.

Beyond slot games, Microgaming’s notable products include: Bingo, with many entertaining side games; Poker, paired with the impressive Microgaming Poker Network (MPN); Sportsbook; and a Live dealer platform, where high-definition videos bring the atmosphere of real casinos into the player’s own living room.

The Future

After looking into the fruitful two decades of Microgaming’s business history, we can practically conclude that this company is not likely to slip into idleness any time soon. Their public schedule confirms this. Apart from releasing new games and announcing The Game of Thrones video slot, the company is also supporting a special local athletic event in May: Microgaming Weekend Triathlon Festival on the Isle of Man. With their versatile proactive approach to every aspect of business, we can only conclude that Microgaming’s future looks bright, indeed.